Dec 03 2016

Bob Blackman MP Welcomes Good News on Local Schools

bob_blackmanBob Blackman MP has welcomed the news that more children are being taught in good or outstanding schools. New figures from Ofsted show that 2 more schools in Harrow have been judged good or outstanding in their most recent inspection compared to 2015.

Across London, 165 more schools have been rated as good or outstanding.

Across the country the proportion of all schools judged to be good or outstanding at their most recent inspection was 89 per cent – the highest proportion ever recorded – with both the proportion of primary and secondary schools judged at these ratings continuing to rise in every region of the country. As a result almost 1.8 million more children are now in good schools compared to 2010.

But we know there is more to do, and that’s precisely why we have set out plans to make more good school places available, to more parents, in more parts of the country, and harnessing the resources and expertise of universities, independent and faith schools.

Bob Blackman MP commented:

“We want to build a country that works for everyone – and that means providing a good school place for every child, one that caters to their individual talents, abilities and needs. That’s why it’s great news that the latest figures show that two more schools in Harrow are now rated good or outstanding.

“We are making sure every child can access high quality education, so that they have the opportunity to go as far as their talents will take them, regardless of their background.”

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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    Harrow Schools have always had a good reputation so it’s good to see two more following the tradition.Of course,education must be of good standard throughout our country to help every child achieve academically in the best manner possible.This is the best legacy every child,no matter where they live deserves.Great opportunities for all is a big ask but is achievable if we all put our hearts and souls into it.Going forward we want our children to be able to compete with children globally and come up smelling roses.

  2. Bill Stephenson

    Harrow has good schools principally two things. (i) Very demanding parents, (ii) Harrow schools work very closely in partnership whether they are under Local Authority control or academies. We hope this will continue with all our Free schools too.

    Bob Blackman keeps very quiet about the proposals to allow selection and the possible setting up of grammar schools. I believe if this were to happen her in Harrow or indeed elsewhere it would be very divisive and the antithesis to the successful schools we have in Harrow.

    There was time when London – not Harrow – had many schools failing to provide high quality education. A programme called the London Challenge was set . This totally transformed the situation and now London as a region has the best performing schools in the country many in in the most deprived boroughs. As Mr Punch is wont to say ‘That’s the way to do it.’ Come and join the sensible brigade Mr Blackman.

    Bill Stephenson

  3. Mr T Mills

    Did Blob Blackman play any part in bringing this situation about?

  4. Someonewhocares

    If any of you have the time read (if not all then) the first/last few pages of this:-


    Apparently if we all cooperate we can achieve quite a lot; Sadly this is not the ‘Key Purpose of Politics’ of course, *argument* is (and what a great example that sets for kids too.)

  5. Sonoo Malkani

    Why must we all keep on bickering and arguing instead of allowing change and try new things as well as keep what is working well anyway.Be broad-minded and benefit from that.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Not sure if that question is rhetorical Sonoo, but the bickering/arguing is generally because *different factions* want *different amounts of change* (to the existing educational system) of course…..? We could always ask the front-line teachers themselves obviousl – as London Challenge did – and do as *they* suggest, rather than as the politicians seem to demand (which tends to be ‘more for less’)?

      The other ‘undercurrent’ here (in case you missed it) is that it is fine for Bob B. to imply he is impressed that we have two more schools on this ‘register’ but what exactly did he do to facilitate this?

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