Sep 27 2013

Bob Blackman MP welcomes Local Post Office Investment

bob_blackmanThe Post Office on Church Road in Stanmore is being refurbished as a Post Office ‘Main Branch’, as part of a three-year investment and support programme, the largest in the history of the Post Office, which will see around 6,000 branches converting to a new style of branch.

This investment will mean a more modern open plan environment for customers and longer opening hours on Saturdays, as well as extra services available at the retail counter during shop opening hours.

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, said: “I am delighted that the Post Office in Stanmore has been identified as a branch in need of expansion and modernisation. The Government is investing £1.34billion of funding to revitalise the Post Office network and ensure that it can continue to provide its range of postal, Government and financial services long term. This is a great local example of how the funding is being used to improve services.”

The shop will close on 16th October while the shop is refurbished and it will reopen to customers on 28th October.

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  1. Praxis Reform

    I’ve got to laugh at this.

    If anyone here knows anything about me, it’s that I worked for a company where the Directors defrauded the staff and creditors out of over £1,000,000. Those Directors basically ignored Tribunals and Court cases, laughed at the workers, and then did almost exactly the same trick all over again with a new lot of workers, after quickly buying back the assets (but not their debts) through a pre-pack administration.

    Meanwhile, the Insolvency Practitioners sat on their hands while the Insolvency Service claimed that taking action against the Directors “wouldn’t be in the public interest”. And, all whilst this was going on, the most charitable thing I can say about old Bob is that he gave it lip service.

    But, back in May, I found myself having to write to him again, after a run in with Royal Mail…

    I bought a book from the United States (yes, even with international shipping, it was cheaper than rip-off Britain). However, not to be outdone, Royal Mail decided to whack me with an extra charge of £16.48 on top of US postage and taxes already paid, and threaten to return my book back to the sender, unless this was paid forthwith.

    Now, apart from the fact that books are supposed to be VAT exempt here in the UK, breaking down that charge, it seems that £8 of it is supposedly a “handling fee” for the privilege of Royal Mail putting a sticker on the packet and sending me a postcard demanding payment. I work that out to be a 94.34% surcharge.

    Naturally, I spent several days on the phone to the inappropriately named customer service department of Royal Mail, each conversation ending with one of Royal Mail’s drones telling me something to the effect of well, there’s a law in place allowing us to whack international imports with this charge – so we do.

    Sure enough, the Government that says it supports “Hardworking People” prefers to fatten the coffers of an organization that seems to spends more time on strike than actually doing any work, with “the Successor Postal Services Company Overseas Letter Post Scheme”, which is a piece of private legislation (i.e. law that a corporation pays Parliament to sign off on), part of which allows Royal Mail to penalise hardworking people that want to avoid rip-off charges by buying things from overseas.

    All boring technical stuff you say, well, here comes the bit to make your jaw hit the floor. Both Bob Blackman and Jo Swinson were quick to deny all knowledge of any such piece of legislation – so I sent them a copy by return of post.

    Now, have I heard anything back from the lazy £@%&$ since then? Not an acknowledgement, not a kiss my arse, nothing!

  2. Praxis Reform

    I don’t know if this speaks to the power of iharrow.com or the hopelessness of Royal Mail, but a letter from Bob landed on the doormat this weekend. Dated 19 September 2013!!!

    Clearly I should be expecting the follow up from his conversations with Jo Swinson any day now, given that the letter was apparently posted 2-3 weeks back.

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