Jan 11 2014

Bob Blackman MP Welcomes New Fire Engine for Stanmore

bob_blackmanHarrow East Member of Parliament Bob Blackman has welcomed the addition of a new fire engine for Stanmore Fire Station as part of the Fifth London Safety Plan (LSP5) from the London Fire Brigade.

The plan, which was agreed by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority in September last year, and which came into effect 9 January 2014, outlines a range of policies intended to improve the safety of Londoners, including plans to reduce fires amongst vulnerable groups and in people living in sheltered housing, while maintaining an existing London-wide target of an engine getting to the scene of an emergency within an average six minutes.

Bob Blackman, said: “The plans have been widely consulted on and issues of fire safety prioritised, so the addition of a second fire engine in Stanmore is extremely welcome as our area continues to expand and require more coverage. I also welcome objectives to press for a wider use of sprinkler systems and for thousands of home fire safety visits to be carried out across London to maximise safety levels and reduce the need for an emergency response. My constituents can sleep a little sounder knowing that the LFB is working hard to keep us safe.”

While the reconfiguration entails a downsizing of stations in some areas, it will also see second fire engines added to available stock in East Greenwich, Hendon, Orpington and Twickenham.

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