Apr 11 2014

Bob Blackman MP: Whitchurch Playing Fields in Safe Hands at Last

bob_blackmanHarrow East Member of Parliament Bob Blackman has praised Harrow Council for agreeing to a 125-year lease for the site to allow the Avanti Schools Trust to build a secondary school.

Bob commented, “It has been a long journey to today’s announcement but we can now look forward to an exciting new development which will benefit local residents enormously. I would like to acknowledge how hard Conservative-run Harrow Council has worked to do the right thing for the site and ensure that it will remain fully usable as school playing fields and a site for community groups to use.

“I look forward to continuing to assist Harrow Council and the Avanti Schools Trust with this project and will be interested to see their plans for the site later this year.”


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  1. anon

    Harrow conservatives have lost my vote.

  2. terry

    this means that the land has passed out of public use. This is wrong, and here should be no place for sectarian schools in a modern society.

  3. old englishman

    in todays world when we encourage sport and recreation this site that has been public for 60 yrs, where most school playing fields disappeared it should have been used for sports facilities
    But as no party has halted immigration we now need dozens of schools , which means more houses ,more cars for school run and increase in sheds with beds.( as a pensioner 70 who pays high education rates for 70 yrs + when my children left school 40 yrs ago i m for this land returning to sports facility

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