Apr 30 2014

Bob Blackman on Alphonso Mango Ban Crisis

bob_blackmanBob Blackman MP Warns Against ‘Irrational’ EU Ban on Mangos

Businesses across Harrow East and the UK as a whole are reeling from the news that the importing of mangos will be banned from 1st May, at the height of mango season, thanks to the overzealous interference of the EU.

After 6% of produce last year were found to be contaminated with fruitflies, the Indian regulator, APEDA, brought improved systems and certifications into place from April 1st. However, despite this, the EU have gone ahead with a full ban.

Harrow East MP, Bob Blackman said, “This meddling move by the EU could not have come at a more irresponsible time, at the start of the season for the most expensive varities of mango, and thousands of business across the UK are going to suffer for no good reason. The fruitfly issue can be resolved in other ways, involving vapour treatment or mild irradiation, as occurs in other countries. This ban is irrational and potentially devastating for a lot of our local businesses. I strongly urge the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to work to overturn this ban or find ways around it, and to work with the Indian High Commission to reopen trade as soon as possible to prevent the needless destruction of this year’s crop.”

An Early Day Motion has been raised in Parliament on the matter, which Bob has signed.

About 16million mangos from India are imported by the UK in a market worth nearly £6million a year. The EU ban is also set to hit supplies of Indian aubergines, gourds and patra leaves.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    What a travesty!The EU regulators have really lost the plot on this one,but it’s not uncommon for them to act hastily.Sincerely hope the ban can be over-turned and all financial loss to business be avoided.—not to mention the non-availability of the best mangoes from India for us to enjoy.

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