Aug 15 2013

Bob Blackman welcomes funding for more school places

bob_blackmanSchools across Harrow are to receive funding to provide more school places as part of the Government’s Targeted Basic Need Programme, thanks to investment announced by George Osborne in the Autumn Statement.

Belmont School, Bentley Wood High School, Whitchurch First School and Nursery, Kingsley High School, Whitefriars Community School and Woodlands School will receive the support they need to add hundreds of extra spaces, with Whitefriars expecting to be able to add the highest number, at around 1035 places.

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, said:  “We are blessed with some wonderful schools in Harrow and this funding will help them to open their doors and ease the pressure locally on places for pupils. I am very pleased that our local schools have been recognised and given the support needed to expand. Once again, this demonstrates a great level of commitment to improving education and supporting our schools by the Government.”

The Targeted Basic Need Programme will deliver around 74,000 new pupil places in 45 new schools and through the expansion of 333 outstanding and good schools. The £820m of allocated funding is sufficient to provide the 417,000 places needed nationwide by 2015, with an extra 190,000 places ready by this September.

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