Sep 24 2014

Bob Blackman Welcomes Latest Fall in Unemployment

bob_blackmanBob Blackman today welcomed the latest jobs figures for Harrow East.

Statistics from the ONS showed that the number of unemployed JSA claimants fell by 402 or 32% on the previous year. The number of youth JSA claimants aged 18-24 fell by 115 or 34% on the previous year.

Bob commented, “It is great to see unemployment and youth unemployment especially continue to fall in Harrow East. More people have the peace of mind of a job and a pay packet. More families are enjoying the stability and security that work brings. We are giving the futures of our young people back to them.

“Today’s figures show our welfare reforms and long term economic plan are getting Britain working.”

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  1. mike mcfadden

    Without a doubt Mr Blackman. However, I see it more to do with IDS getting people off benefits who should not be there in the first place as apposed to the economy moving forward. It seems to me far too many people claimed benefits in Harrow because they could and not because they needed it.
    The madness of socialism and do gooders that invariable never pay much in the way of tax themselves.

    Next step is to get home ownership back with the people not the state. The increased burden of housing benefit creates the need for more benefit payments by allowing landlords to chase higher rents which causes higher council tax then houses become out of reach of the average person that lead to unfair cuts in local services. Total distortion of the market system helps no one succeed.
    Not to the mention the unintended consequences of giving so much away people lose respect for those that pay and demand more and more for free believing its their right. What about the rights of the tax-payer!!!! Please note “White Flight” from London did happen and is still happening. Like Rotherham like Dr Shipman ignoring what’s going wrong will not fix it. Political correctness “suck’s”

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