Mar 24 2016

Bob Says: A&E Claims are “Utter Rubbish”

bob_blackmanBob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, has queried figures being used to claim that only 1 in 4 patients are waiting longer than four hours to be seen at A&Es under the London North West Healthcare NHS Trust.

Official figures provided by the Department for Health show that, during January 2016, 89% of patients were seen within four hours. Furthermore, this year to date, the figure is 89.4% for patients were seen within four hours, which is vastly different than the figure of 74.6% claimed by Harrow West MP, Gareth Thomas.

Commenting, Bob Blackman said, “Claims that 1 in 4 people are waiting longer than four hours are utter rubbish. The official figures show that nearly 90% of patients are being seen within the target number of hours and that our hospitals are doing exceptional work in maintaining that figure.

“Of course, services are always under strain in our hospitals, and January is especially known for being an extremely busy time as the bad weather aggravates colds and chronic illnesses and leads to more people visiting A%Es.

However, to suggest that all of the extra funding and support provided is not having an impact is simply incorrect. The performance figures show that our local hospitals are now some of the best in London.”

The Department for Health’s figures also show that, by the end of January 2016, 90.3% of patients were waiting less than 18 weeks to start treatment. Cancer waiting times in particular have revealed very strong figures, with all three key cancer targets being met:

  • 94.1% of patients with suspected cancer were seen by a specialist within two weeks [Target 93%]
  • 99.2% of patients diagnosed with cancer began treatment within 31 days [Target 96%]
  • 86% of patients began cancer treatment within 62 days of an urgent GP referral [Target 85%]

Northwick Park has just opened a £14m modular ward block in January right next to its A&E, which is itself a brand new £21m state of the art facility.

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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    I can vouch for the fact that I was seen within 30 minutes on December 16—coming up to Christmas—around midnight and found the service slick and very efficient.Made a big difference as we were extremely concerned how I felt.I was admitted and seen to by several doctors and given super quick treatment.Very pleasantly surprised and relieved.
    Whilst I accept not everyone has an identical experience,I can put my hand on my heart and say the treatment was second to none and waiting time a huge relief–after what we had been experiencing in the past. Northwick Park A&E has every reason to be proud of its record.The new wing is fresh,modern and most welcoming.
    Please let’s put politics aside and tell it as it is so local citizens recognise its worth and feel more secure knowing we are much better off,thanks to huge investments made to improve this invaluable service.

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