Apr 28 2014

Bob Says: Drop in Local Crime Means Safer Streets in Harrow

bob_blackmanLocal MP Bob Blackman: Drop in Local Crime Means Safer Streets in Harrow

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, has welcomed news that crime has fallen once again over the last twelve months. Latest figures from the independent Office for National Statistics show that since 2010 recorded crime in the City of London has fallen by 11%.

This trend of falling crime is supported by the independent Crime Survey of England and Wales and a fall in violent crime shown by fewer people going to hospital with injuries from violent incidents.

Commenting, Bob Blackman said: “This is excellent news and demonstrates that police forces continue to rise to the challenge of making savings while continuing to cut crime and deliver a better service to the public. Our local police officers can be rightly proud of their success. The Government has cut police red tape and given them one simple target: cut crime, and that’s what they are doing.“

Last year, figures released by The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) showed that crime levels in Harrow were the third lowest in London.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Yes,this is an excellent reason for us to feel proud of this latest policing and safety achievement.However,we must not take anything for granted and have to ensure we keep on co-operating with the Police and all partners to make sure the momentum is sustained.In fact, more must be achieved so that we get closer to achieving our vision of Harrow being the safest London borough.

    One thing all our MPs must ensure is that we receive our full complement of Police officers as we have been promised by 2015 and not be PENALISED for making such strides.Our Police officers work jolly hard and the public also heed many suggestions and initiatives on offer.

    We all should be rewarded with the officers which we deserve and need.It would be most unfair if we have less officers sent just because we have done so much to lessen crime in our borough while some of the others have not made as much effort.I agree that boroughs with high crime levels will need a full complement of officers but NOT at Harrow’s expense any more!The public will not tolerate unfair distribution of officers any longer.Bob,I am sure you will pass on this message to the Minister for Policing and to MOPAC as well.

  2. Harrow Dude

    It will all be OK we will have a Neighbourhood Champion on every street we won’t need police…

  3. sonoo malkani

    Let’s stop being childish and act as responsible adults who wish our borough and its citizens well,no matter what.The Neighbourhood Champions are an additional and very valuable resource.which we are so lucky to have.

  4. PraxisReform

    Of course no mention from old Bob about that fact that the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee says that the Police are effectively fiddling the figures.


  5. sonoo malkani

    There is no doubt that much needs redressing in respect of the insufficient/inappropriate recording of crimes.The Parliamentary Select Committee has expressed quite openly its views and made strong recommendations to correct these failings.These are serious issues and will take time to put right.We must carefully monitor the progress being made and see how this is turned around.

    The Police Service is under fire on so many fronts simultaneously.This is bound to be extremely challenging.,making working life next to impossible.Serious implications about trust confidence and Police integrity have again been put under the spot-light.A word of caution.We must ensure we don’t throw out the baby with the bath water and assume ALL Police actions are flawed!

    A disproportionate and unfair response is no solution.We must allow the Police ample opportunity to get their house in order and be allowed to abandon the TARGET CULTURE which has caused so much mayhem.This is out of their hands and needs their bosses’ blessing.

    All said and done,CRIME HAS COME DOWN substantially.This is true in Harrow as well.We must continue to build on that and not become complacent.Nor must we indulge in hurling rocks at those who pound the streets 24/7 to keep us out of harm’s way,thus damaging their morale and providing succor to the criminal fraternity.

    Please let us give credit where it is due ,along with high-lighting weaknesses in policing.Only an UNBIASED and BALANCED VIEW will help us progress to a better place.

    Never forget Policing is far too important for us to play party politics with.It is about the SAFETY of our citizens.

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