May 23 2016

Bob Says: Harrow Library Consultation Flawed; Send Objections

bob_blackmanBob Blackman MP Urges Public to Get Involved in Library Closures Inquiry Consultation

Last year, Bob Blackman joined with local residents in Edgware in his constituency of Harrow East to try and save the Bob Lawrence Library in Edgware from closure by Harrow Council. Despite a petition with more than 5000 signatures and a sound business case for keeping the facility open being made by residents, sadly the library was closed.

However the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has extended a final lifeline based on the concerns raised by Bob Blackman directly to the Secretary of State.

In a recent letter sent to the Leader of the Council, Minister Ed Vaizey has confirmed that, while not minded to have an inquiry into the matter, further representations from local residents are welcome and may indeed change this decision.

Commenting, Bob said, ‘The original consultation carried out by Harrow Council was extremely flawed and I still believe that the closure of the Bob Lawrence Library was short sighted and damaging to the local community. There was always a general sense locally that decisions were made in this case before their consultation was even carried out.

“Harrow Council has a duty of care to the community it serves and I am pleased that we now have a chance to raise this again one final time and have the matter investigated. I urge all local residents who have been affected by the closure of Bob Lawrence Library, or indeed other local libraries, to write in and make your objections known.”

Representations about the closure of Bob Lawrence, or other libraries locally, should be sent to: Ministerial Support Team, Department for Culture, Media and Sport, 100 Parliament Street, London, SW1A 2BQ, or email enquiries@culture.gov.uk by 5.00pm on Friday 1 July 2016, using the subject title “Harrow Library Services – Minded to Representations”.

All submissions will be investigated by the Secretary of State.

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