Mar 14 2013

Bob Says: Harrow’s Bedroom tax figures – lower than thought

bob_blackmanClaims that over 1000 households in Harrow will be affected by “Bedroom Tax” challenged by Harrow East MP

Gareth Thomas, MP for Harrow West, last week suggested that over 1000 households in Harrow would be affected by the new Social Sector Size Criteria rules being introduced next month.

The Conservative MP for Harrow East has disputed these claims, however, saying that: ‘The numbers suggested are simply not true. Harrow Council has confirmed to me that the true figure is closer to approximately 680 households. This is significantly lower than the figures recently quoted’.

The estimates produced by Harrow Council also reveal that, of the 679 households likely to be affected, 146 households are in receipt of disability benefit. The changes being introduced come at a time when Harrow Council has nearly 1600 households on its high priority housing waiting list for a property with two or more bedrooms.

Bob Blackman said: ‘These changes are not about penalising the disabled. Adequate provisions have been made by the Government to deal with these concerns. The change is about putting all tenants on a level playing field, whether they rent from the council or in the private sector’.

Disabled residents will be allocated one additional bedroom for full-time carers as part of any calculations. Similar arrangements will be made for foster carers and families of armed services personnel.

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