Dec 09 2013

Bob Says: Home Heat Helpline for Harrow Houses

bob_blackmanAs British households prepare to face the cold winter, new research reveals 3000 households in Harrow East are eligible for assistance from their energy supplier with heating their homes. The findings from Home Heat Helpline show that a total of 3.6 million households across Great Britain qualify for help.

10% of homes in our area are entitled to relief from energy companies this year. Households that qualify include low income pensioners, disadvantaged families with children or those with a disability, or any household that lives in one of the most deprived areas in the country.

Bob Blackman MP, said: “Forecasters are predicting a cold winter ahead, and many people who are elderly or on low incomes may not know where to turn for help and advice on keeping their homes warm. The best way for people in Harrow to prepare is to act now, and call the Home Heat Helpline on 0800 33 66 99 to see if they’re eligible for assistance.”

Support includes insulation and boilers, with many elderly and low income families qualifying for the £135 Warm Home Discount on energy bills.

Vulnerable households are urged to call the confidential, free Home Heat Helpline to find out if they qualify, and to ascertain the type of support they may be able to receive to keep their homes warm. The helpline offers impartial advice to vulnerable people who are worried about their energy bills and staying warm during the winter.

Last winter the Home Heat Helpline assisted over 42,000 people across Britain with approximately £250 energy savings per household.

Since 2005, the Home Heat Helpline has helped over 330,000 callers to keep their home warm by accessing grants for new boilers, insulations, discounts and rebate schemes. To find out more, call 0800 33 66 99 to speak to a friendly advisor, or use our Energy Checker to find out if you are eligible.

The Home Heat Helpline (0800 33 66 99) is funded by Britain’s major energy suppliers and supported by a range of support organisations including Age UK, Citizens Advice; National Energy Action, Energy Saving Trust and Gingerbread.


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