Aug 17 2014

Bob Says: Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Care Rated as ‘Outstanding’ Again

bob_blackmanThe Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published a report on the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital following a compliance visit by its inspectors earlier this year, which has rated its levels of medical care as ‘outstanding’ once again.

The CQC found that people using the hospital received effective care which led to good outcomes, and that services were designed in response to patient needs. Surgery and medical care were rated as Outstanding in two areas, and children’s care was rated as Outstanding in one. However, the overall rating was dragged down by the outdated building stock that clinicians and service users are currently having to use, and which are due to be replaced once business plans for redevelopment have been approved.

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, commented, “It is not surprising that most of the services at the hospital have been rated as outstanding, but this report demonstrates why it is vital that the redevelopment of the facilities at Stanmore proceeds without delay so that decent facilities are provided to complement the world-class treatment on offer.”

The trust is the largest orthopaedic hospital in the UK, providing services from its main hospital site in Stanmore, Middlesex, and an outpatient clinic in Bolsover Street, London.


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  1. PraxisReform

    It’s interesting then that Harrow’s Observer, this week, instead of doffing it’s hat and tugging it’s forelock to the gentry as it usually does, has published a contrary account:


    Perhaps people are finally cottoning on to the fact that Politicians are starving the NHS of funds and claiming that everything is okay, until shortly after the next election, when suddenly all we’ll hear is that privatization is the only solution…

  2. James P. Langley

    So when will Bob Blackman and his Tory friends announce that private healthcare is the only way after undermining the NHS? I wonder if UK citizens would want to live like our US counterparts who have an expensive and inefficient system which makes health a business on profit rather than a service based for all people.

  3. PraxisReform

    Veteran Bob watchers will have noted his recent advocacy of charging people to see their G.P. Whilst most people I’ve spoken to realise that introducing the NHS is one of the only good things that a Labour government has ever bought us.

    It’s privatization will be massively unpopular with the electorate, so expect to see it announced just _after_ the next general election (assuming the Conservatives get a majority), based on the usual political assumption that the electorate are a bunch of sheep that can’t remember more than 3 or 4 years past.

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