Nov 05 2013

Bob Says: Supporting Diabetes Awareness in Harrow East

bob_blackmanHarrow East MP, Bob Blackman, joined high profile parliamentarians at the annual diabetes charity event, the Silver Star Diabetes Health Challenge, at the House of Commons.

On Wednesday 30th October, as part of Diwali at Westminster, Bob Blackman MP took the quick and easy diabetes test to help raise awareness of the need for public to take the test of the condition. Special guests Hari Dhillon, Dr. Michael Spence on BBC’s Holby City and Vineeta Rishi, Dr Jas Khella on BBC’s daytime drama Doctors, also joined in the efforts to highlight the problem of diabetes and handed Bob Blackman MP with a pedometer.

As part of the challenge, MPs were issued with a Silver Star Diabetes Pedometer that will measure the amount of steps taken on a chosen day from the launch day until World Diabetes Day on 14th November 2013 to see who can take the most steps. Matthew Hancock MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Business and Education is the current holder of the 2012 Health Challenge. The winner of this year’s challenge will have their award presented by the Reverend Jesse Jackson at the Silver Star Diabetes’ Health and Diversity Breakfast Seminar on the 5th December 2013.

Every four minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with diabetes and consequently, the NHS spends £1 million an hour on diabetes and its related complications. Currently 3 million people in the UK live with the condition, and an estimated 1 million people may have diabetes without knowing it.

Launched in January 2007, Silver Star is a Leicester-based charity which seeks to raise awareness of diabetes through advocacy and delivering free diabetes testing and lifestyle advice to the general public. The charity runs four Mobile Diabetes Units (MDU) two in the UK based in Leicester and London and two in India in Goa and Mumbai. The MDUs travel out into the community, to places of work, worship, community events, High Street and retail parks testing the public for free for diabetes and offering lifestyle advice.

The event was supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb, Astra Zeneca and Novo Nordisk.

Dr Modhwadia, Chairman of the Trustees for Silver Star Diabetes, said: “I am delighted that so many MPs have decided to take the test and have taken the pedometer challenge to raise awareness of this largely unseen health condition. Silver Star Diabetes has tested over 37,000 people for diabetes and continues to reach out to communities to raise awareness for the condition. Being tested is important to ensure that the condition is spotted early and people can get the right treatment as soon as possible.”

Bob Blackman MP, said: “People in Harrow East are suffering from diabetes, so it is great that Silver Star Diabetes take action to raise awareness for the condition. Helping people to lead healthy lifestyles is important, and testing people for diabetes plays a vital step towards achieving that.”

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  1. sonoo malkani

    This is an extremely valuable campaign to raise awareness of Diabetes.Harrow,sadly,held the record for being the London borough with the highest number of Diabetics and has only been overtaken recently by Brent!We still have along way to go to rid ourselves of this unenviable status.

    Bob Blackman must continue to remind people about this periodically,since we tend to forget the health messages rolled out from time to time.There is so much that fills our daily lives that one is likely to ignore the very thing we need to pay attention to.

    It is really worrisome that Harrow has such a high proportion of Diabetes.Not good news at all.It is no wonder really that we figure so high.The high numbers of Asians living in the boroughs of Brent and Harrow need to be educated about the HEALTH IMPLICATIONS and COMPLICATIONS which Diabetes can bring in its wake if it is not diagnosed or properly

    I am of Indian origin and had the shock of my life when I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes earlier this year this despite knowing so many friends and family members who have Diabetes.

    Anyway,I have the good fortune to have a GP who is keen to help get these messages out and he has been working to do exactly that.In fact,it is really important that we,the Asian community,who have a genetic tendency to have Diabetes,get our act together and make every possible effort to alert one another and educate our entire community so that we manage to not only control our personal Daibetes but also help PREVENT it.

    The Silver Star enterprise is an excellent one and often travels to alert the Asian community about Diabetes.Not only could we save millions of tax-payer pounds by preventing Diabetes but also by alerting others may also save them form a life of complications which could result from Diabetes which they may not be managing effectively.There is no excuse for such sloppy behaviour.

    Taking some simple exercise —just 20 minutes walk daily—and incorporating it into our daily routine could bring rich dividends.For a Diabetic having a meal and walking AFTER that is far more beneficial as your GP can confirm.Cutting back on sugar and especially on FRUIT JUICE which contains so much sugar is most important.We have expert patient clinics free of charge to help us get proper guidance.Please join organisations like Diabetes UK and help support others thereby supporting yourselves.Make this the Diwali resolution for this year!

    Diabetes recognises no boundaries and is also to be found in the indigenous and other communities.I hope we Harrovians will join hands together and help beat it so that we become one of the best improved boroughs for Diabetes in the near future.

    Let us actively get these messages out via our temples and any outlets where communities congregate so that we can deal DIABETES with a big blow in Harrow.

    Harrow is known to lead in so many fields.let us become trend-setters to beat Diabetes.

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