Oct 25 2015

Bob Says: Unemployment Down and Income Up in Harrow East

bob_blackmanBob Blackman has welcomed new figures that show the number of people in Harrow East claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance has fallen by 920 – a 53% per cent drop – since 2010.

Today’s figures show that Britain’s economic plan continues to create jobs and increase pay for hardworking people in Harrow East and across the country. With employment at its highest level ever, over 350,000 more people are in work across the UK than a year ago and unemployment is at its lowest level since 2008.

The figures also show that average pay growth is now 3 per cent – while prices are falling – meaning hardworking local people have more money in their pockets; and more young people are in work with youth unemployment among those not in full-time study falling to its lowest level in a decade – 6.2 per cent.

People are getting off benefits and into work across the London boroughs, with 543,000 more people in work since the last Labour Government. There are over 2 million more people across the UK now in work than at the end of thirteen years of a Labour Government.

Bob Blackman commented: “With employment at record levels and unemployment at a seven year low, the number of people in Harrow East relying on Jobseeker’s Allowance has fallen by over 50 per cent. This is great news for local people who want to work hard and get on. With nearly three-quarters of a million vacancies advertised across the country and lots of jobs being created within commuter distance of Harrow East, these figures really do demonstrate that we are moving towards a society with opportunity and security at its heart.

“Britain’s economic plan continues to create jobs and increase pay with the highest rate of employment in our history, and wages rising strongly in real terms. However, with recent data showing our trading partners’ growth is slowing, we must not be complacent. All this progress would be put at risk if we don’t carry on with our plan to build a resilient economy, delivering the economic security of a country that lives within its means.”

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  1. Gillian

    If you are going to tell a story tell the whole truth! Has Bob Blackman not read the recent article in the evening Standard on Harrow being the worst place in the whole country for paying less than the minimum wage……42% of people in fact! Mr Blackman has also voted yes to cutting tax credits last week despite some of his own party members saying no! Nearly half of people in Harrow work for less than the minimum wage, and presumably a lot of these people rely on tax credits to be able to afford to live? And yet his article above would make you think that things are really on the up! Well Mr Blackman they may be in other parts of the country, but certainly not here in Harrow. As you so eloquently put it ‘ A society with opportunity and security at its heart’, me thinks you are talking about MPs and the House of Lords!

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