Jul 08 2013

Harrow East MP Bob Blackman Backs EU referendum

bob_blackmanConservative MP for Harrow East, Bob Blackman, voted in favour of an EU referendum in last week’s House of Commons vote.

The vote is part of the Conservative Party’s attempt to secure a referendum regarding the UK’s relationship with the European Union. The vote concerns the second stage of a multistage political process but ultimately it could lead to enshrining a future referendum in law.

Bob Blackman said: “I have consistently backed a referendum, even rebelling against my party to do so when the issue was last raised in Parliament. It has been forty years since the British public had its say on this crucial issue – I am therefore delighted that the Conservative Party is now 100% behind the campaign to secure a referendum. I am only disappointed that my Labour counterpart in Harrow West, Gareth Thomas, did not also back the referendum.”

The vote was passed unanimously by 304 votes. The Labour and Liberal Democrat parties abstained from the vote however 6 Labour MPs defied their party to vote with the Conservatives.

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