Jul 01 2014

Harrow East MP Bob Blackman Calls for Reverse in Decision to Close Harrow Weald Natwest

bob_blackmanBob Blackman, the Member of Parliament for Harrow East has revealed his determination to keep Natwest open in Harrow Weald, following the announcement that the branch will close later this month.

Speaking earlier today, Mr Blackman stated: “I was made aware of the intentions of Natwest to close the popular Harrow Weald branch back in May and wrote to the parent company, The Royal Bank of Scotland immediately to urge them to think twice about this proposal. The Natwest is an essential service for a small but loyal group of local residents and small businesses in the Harrow Weald area. It is the only bank locally, has constantly big queues and its loss will be a hammer blow to the entire community and put businesses at risk, as well as leaving staff without jobs which they currently carry out with pride, skill and passion for retail banking and local community businesses.”

He continued: “A number of constituents have written in to me with outrage that this is to happen and I have been more than happy to pass these comments onto RBS to demonstrate what an essential service Natwest is currently offering to the Harrow Weald community. Time is short, but I hope that RBS will get the message before it is too late”.

The branch is set to close its doors on 25th July, although it has been confirmed that the ATM machine would remain in place.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Certainly hope RBS responds positively and listens to the huge outcry from local traders and residents alike.The banks seem to only look at their profits and providing a valuable service to their community seems to rank low on their list of priorities –if at all.”

    25th July is just round the corner.Maybe the pressure needs stepping up further so they DO get the message and stop harassing citizens in this manner.How can we hope to promote the LOCALISING agenda with LOCAL BANKS withdrawing their services.It’s scandalous!

    Good to know that MP Bob Blackman has also been campaigning on their behalf since the past couple of months.It’s shameful that Lloyds Bank closed their doors to customers in North Harrow last year in similar fashion.

    Absolute disgrace these banks have the freedom to short-change the very tax-payers whose funds helped save their bacon!.Most unethical.It’s a subltle form of bullying ,of customers,knowing they NEED the service and have to accept whatever is put out.

    The Communities Minister,Eric Pickles, ought to look into these issues promptly —as is presently happening with some parking fines.

  2. Terry Mills

    If the bank is closing because it is not financially viable, would its continued opening involve payment by LBH, echoing the response by HMG to The Great American Mortgage Fraud?

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    NatWest probably want people to do online banking. They close the branch and sell the premises and they make the staff redundant or move them thus making a saving. This is inconvenient for the traders and the bank customers alike. The queues at NatWest in central Harrow will get longer.

    I do not think a petition will make them alter the decision. Perhaps traders and customers should arrange to pay in money in pennies in central Harrow to cause the bank the same kind of inconvenience they expect their customers to tolerate. This closure will have the greatest impact on those who are unfamiliar with computerised banking e.g. the older generation. I accept many older people are au fait with computers but some are not. It is a disaster for them and also people who have mobility problems

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