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Jul 29 2015

Let’s Try Again – Harrow Council’s Second Go at Brown Bin Charges

Harrow Council’s Labour administration, having been chewed up and spat out by Conservative Leader Cllr Susan Hall over their first botched attempt at charging for brown bin collections, have now announced they’ve had a second bash at the scheme. The new scheme drops the initial ’15 months for the price of 12′ offer, limits the …

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Jul 18 2015

South Harrowing Parking Issues: Stakeholder Meeting (Residents NOT invited!)

Email from the council earlier this week (and thanks, Mr T for forwarding): The council is embarking on a review of the on street parking in parts of South Harrow that were agreed as part of its published parking review program. The first stage of this process is to hold a stakeholders meeting with interested …

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Jan 31 2015

Harrow: “A great place for a traditional British holiday,” says Lockwood

It seems like only yesterday that Harrow was selling itself as a holiday destination. Back in 2010, Michael Lockwood, chief executive of Harrow council, said: “We want to offer the ultimate weekend break that’s low on travel, easy on the pocket and big on the best of Britain.” He continued, “With our links to Byron, Betjeman and …

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Dec 03 2014

MP Furious at Harrow’s “shortsighted” cuts

According to an article in MyNewsMag, Harrow Council’s public consultation on proposed budget cuts has been slammed as “shortsighted” and “incoherent” by local MP Nick Hurd. The article goes on to say: The council recently asked residents to have their say on how the council could save £75million over four years. The council listed 23 …

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Apr 17 2014

The Sale of Council Assets – Part II

Back in February, we ran a guest post about the sale of council assets, and we touched on a Caretakers house at 51 The Gardens, which was up for auction with a guide price of £250,000+. and eventually, according to Bazza, went for £415,000. Barely two months later, it’s back on the market with estate …

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Apr 13 2014

Say What? Cllr Graham Henson

Harrow Times – July 13, 2010: LABOUR and Tory politicians have clashed over plans to open up the council’s books to the public. The Labour administration narrowly voted down a Conservative motion calling for new transparency rules to be welcomed, during a heated debate at Full Council on Thursday, July 8. The rules, being formulated …

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Mar 28 2014

Harrow Council Tax Fiasco – Council Blames TNT Post

An exclusive. Following an exclusive report by three days ago, around 24,000 residents are being given an extra ten days to pay their council tax following the late delivery of some letters. The council, three days ago, described only a “small number” of people being affected – the problem seems to be now …

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Mar 26 2014

Harrow Council Goes into Lockdown Over FOI Requests

Harrow Council supplied, under the Freedom of Information Act, copies of the corporate credit card statements for some of it’s employees, in this particular case, a Mr Roger Rickman and a Ms Carol Yarde. An extract over the last 12 months showed some interesting transactions: 11/03/2013 Roger Rickman IMPECCABLE 65.95 24/06/2013 Roger Rickman ROGERS 9.60 …

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Mar 25 2014

Harrow Council Messes Up on Council Tax Bills

An exclusive. Looks like there’s been a mess up on Council Tax bills at Harrow this year, and some residents – “a small number” according to a spokesman – won’t be getting sight of their bill ahead of the April 1st due date. It seems that the council has emailed all residents with a …

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Jan 28 2014

Harrow Council 2014-15 Budget: Consultation a Piss Take

Harrow Council is due to pass its budget at a meeting on the 25th February, 2014. You can offer your views on the budget here, until March 31, 2104. Note this is exactly one full month after a decision will be taken, so it’s a bit of con asking for your views once they’ve decided …

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