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Apr 12 2013

TF Nash – Adverts from the 1930s

This image cropped up in a Google Image search recently, and shows the advert used by TF Nash in and around the South Harrow area in the 1930s. Due to copyright reasons, it’s kept deliberately small. During the period 1925-1939 T F Nash Ltd., had three large estates for developing. One was at Eastcote where …

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Oct 13 2011

1953 Picture Postcard – Tithe Farm Hotel, South Harrow

There’s an interesting picture postcard for sale on Ebay at the moment, of the Tithe Farm Hotel, taken in 1953. You can see this is on Eastcote Lane, looking South-West across Alexandra Avenue. If you’d be interested in buying this postcard, get yourself over to Ebay in the next couple of weeks: the auction ends on …

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Sep 30 2011

Flytipping – Wyvenhoe Road

Yet again, we see flytipping in the service roads which run along the rear of the properties on Northolt Road. Today’s example is a three sofas, dumped in the alley which runs from Wyvenhoe Road to Scarsdale Road. Because the service road is privately owned – the owner of each property owns their particular segment …

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Aug 19 2011

More fly-tipping in Roxeth Allotments

Here’s today’s flytip. We’ve posted before about fly-tipping in Roxeth Allotments – an particularly unusual place, given that you’d have to (a) drive through Roxeth Rec (which is locked at night), and (b) have a key for the gate into the allotments themselves. However, it seems some people will still go to those lengths, rather …

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Jun 12 2011

Modernism in Metro-Land

We stumbled across a website today, called Modernism in Metro-Land, which is a look at the building around South Harrow that define the area. The concept of Metro-land was created by an employee of the Metropolitan Railways’ marketing board. The Metropolitan railway had expanded their lines from Baker Street, out to the villages of Wembley …

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Mar 19 2011

Old Roxeth – from the air

From time to time, I get sent photos of Roxeth and South Harrow, and this one I thought was particularly interesting.  It shows the older part of South Harrow, what would have really been called Roxeth in it’s time, which is now primarily the Waitrose and Dunelm Mill area. Running up from the bottom of …

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Mar 08 2011

Photos from the Past – Roxeth Farm

This is Northolt Road, with Roxeth Farm on the left.  Today, it’s a completely different view, with Sainsbury’s having replaced the farm! The road coming in from the left is Corbins Lane. If you’ve got any old photographs in or around South Harrow, please email them to and we’ll try to include them in this …

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Mar 07 2011

Photos from the Past – Eastcote Lane / Northolt Road

Very quickly, around 1910-20, Roxeth has began to modernise into the South Harrow we know today.  Despite traffic being minimal, roads were put in, pavements laid, and new shops – the ‘Auto Salon’ you can see here – begun to spring up.  Today’s it’s a Costa Coffee shop, having recently replaced the Mark One Fashion …

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Mar 05 2011

Photos from the Past – Wargrave Road

Not sure where this – and some of the others like it – came from.  However, according to the notes I have with it, this is of Wargrave Road, taken from the junction with Northolt Road. If you look carefully, you can see Kingsley Road at the far end. The large open space you can …

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Mar 03 2011

Photos from the Past – Northolt Road Bus

Northolt Road at the junction with Eastcote Lane, South Harrow: bus [34] RT 720 on route 158 to Ruislip Lido. There is almost a complete lack of private vehicles, just public transport. If you’ve got any old photographs in or around South Harrow, please email them to and we’ll try to include them in …

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