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Oct 10 2016

Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board – October 18, 2016

Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board (HSNB) warmly invite you to their 1st Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday 18th OCTOBER 2016 at Harrow Civic Centre, Station Road Harrow Middlesex HA1 2XY Committee Rooms 1 & 2, Timings 7.00 p.m. for 7.30p.m. Please sign Attendance Sheet and leave your contact details as you enter, making …

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May 20 2015

Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board AGM – May 27, 2015

Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board are holding their AGM on May 27, 2015 from 6.30pm in Committee Rooms 1&2 at the Harrow Civic Centre. There will be a chance to heard what progress they’ve made over the last year, where they’ve spent their funding, and also for a short question and answer session. Note that this …

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Dec 05 2013

HPCCG Press Release and Chairs Report – December 3, 2013

HPCCG’s Chair’s Report given on 3rd December, 2013 meeting at the Civic Centre. I welcome you all to the meeting tonight. I have to sadly inform you that the oldest supporter of HPCCG Mr. Harry Fridkin who would have been one hundred years old in January 2014 died last month. Harry Fridkin during the Second …

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Nov 23 2013

HPCCG Quarterly Meeting – December 3, 2013

The Harrow Police and Community Consultative Group will be holding their quarterly meetings on December 3, 2013 at 7.15pm in committee rooms 1 and 2 at Harrow’s Civic Centre. Welcome by Chair Apologies for absence. Minutes of the meeting held on 8 July, 2013 Matters arising from the minutes. Chair’s Report Treasurer’s Report Presentation by …

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Jan 22 2013

End of the Line for Harrow’s HPCCG?

It looks like the HPCCG could be put out of it’s misery at last, if the Mayor of London’s response to Navin Shah’s question surrounding the future funding for it is anything to go by. Back in October 2012, London Assembly Member Navin Shah asked the Mayor: At a Police and Crime Committee meeting you …

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Jan 21 2013

HPCCG Public Meeting – January 28, 2013

Despite having been very quiet since their last public meeting, the HPCCG are holding another session open to the public.  They’ll be joined again by Harrow’ Borough Commander Dal Babu, and there will be another non-political address by London Assembly Member, Navin Shah. It’s open to all, and kicks off at 7.15pm on January 28, …

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Oct 22 2012

HPCCG October 2012 Meeting Outcome

The HPCCG held their October 2012 meeting earlier this evening. Off to a poor start, with insufficient printed minutes and agendas, and an absence of an attendees’ list for the previous meeting, you’d be expecting it not to get worse. You’d be wrong. With constant talking-over other people, an agenda which was more-or-less ignored, and …

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Oct 20 2012

HPCCG Vice-Chair Takes an online Pounding

Edward A Rudolph, the 74 year old Stanmore resident who is one of two vice-chairs for the HPCCG, has been attracting a lot of attention from a number of online users recently. Whether this is some reverse psychology to drum up interest in Monday night’s HPCCG meeting, we’re not sure. In response to his page-long posting intended …

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Oct 20 2012

Met Police Tattoo Ban Sparks Bun Fight

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Bernard Hogan-Howe, seems to have unwittingly sparked a bun fight in Harrow over a recent change of policy banning police officers from having visible tattoos. Normally, this wouldn’t be something we’d cover, not being of much interest to Harrow residents, but no sooner had the article been published by the …

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Oct 14 2012

HPCCG Public Meeting – October 22, 2012

The Harrow and Police Community Consultative Group – HPCCG for short – are holding a public meeting, where residents of Harrow will be able to quiz them, and then leadership of the local Police, on policing activities, expenditure and the policing model in London. The HPCCG, who we posted about here, have been much criticised …

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