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Aug 19 2011

More fly-tipping in Roxeth Allotments

Here’s today’s flytip. We’ve posted before about fly-tipping in Roxeth Allotments – an particularly unusual place, given that you’d have to (a) drive through Roxeth Rec (which is locked at night), and (b) have a key for the gate into the allotments themselves. However, it seems some people will still go to those lengths, rather …

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Jul 13 2011

Fly Tipping in Kingsley Road, South Harrow

Still an ongoing problem here in South Harrow – whether it’s the opening hours and restrictions at the local dump, or what, I don’t know, but fly tipping still seems to be going on. We’ve done a feature before of the service road behind Northolt Road and the amount of rubbish it attracts, as well …

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May 05 2011

Flytipping – Roxeth Allotments

Click to enlarge… Taken on the evening of May 5, 2011 in the Roxeth Allotments.  This is truly an odd one, since (a) the park is locked overnight, so any flytipping would have been done in daylight, (b) there are retractable key-operated posts from the access road into the park across to the allotments, (c) …

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