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Jun 14 2017

Susan Says: No answers when it matters most

Last night an Extraordinary Council meeting was held to discuss and debate a petition with over 2000 signatures regarding the future of Pinner Wood School. My colleagues and I called this meeting as it was only right that a huge petition on such a vital issue could be publicly discussed at Council. If the meeting …

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May 15 2017

Susan Says: Not all lessons are learnt in the Classroom – Great News from Avanti House School

Not all lessons are learnt in the Classroom – Great News from Avanti House School It is always great to hear positive news, and even more so when it is close to home. I have recently been informed of some fantastic work that has been taking place at Avanti House School. Children, Parents and Teachers …

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Apr 21 2017

Susan Says: Harrow Council is in a disgraceful state.

Harrow Council is in a disgraceful state. The administration needs to get to work and take responsibility. It is nine weeks yesterday since the Cabinet meeting on the 16th February. This means my Conservative colleagues and I have been waiting nine weeks for the answers to 88 questions which we tabled at that meeting. These …

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Apr 11 2017

Susan Says: Pinner Wood School Deserves Council Debate. Now.

The Parents and Teachers of Pinner Wood School are clearly and justifiably concerned about the future of their much loved School and thus their Children’s education. Within a very short period of time a petition was written and over 2000 signatures obtained. The amount of signatures is significant because it means that the petition must …

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Jan 05 2017

Susan Says: Labour-run Harrow Council need to take fly-tipping seriously…

Fly-tipping affects us all. Labour-run Harrow Council need to look at long-term solutions and take it seriously. Residents are concerned. We are concerned. Councillor Susan Hall takes a look…  

Dec 31 2016

Susan Says: Labour’s Plan to Scrap Car Parks an “Absolute Disgrace”

Leader of the Harrow Conservative Group, Cllr Susan Hall, takes Labour to task for their plans to build over car parks in Harrow, reducing the town centre to gridlock as residents and shoppers hunt for places to park.   Can’t see the video? Click here for the original.  

Dec 19 2016

Susan Says: Where’s my Christmas garden tax rebate?

Where’s my Christmas garden tax rebate? Just when I think I’ve heard it all, this Labour-run Council comes up with yet another ridiculous idea. Labour wax lyrical about the ‘success’ of their Brown bin charge. In reality, it has been nothing short of an absolute mess. There have been far less sign-ups than expected, plenty …

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Oct 21 2016

Susan Says: Labour hiding £301 million loan; refuses to discuss

Dear iHarrow, I thought your readers might like to see this. Its a letter I wrote on the 25th September to 25 Labour Councillors after the last Council meeting on the 22nd September. Sadly I have only had acknowledgements from three of them. This either means they are too embarrassed to answer or they have …

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May 23 2016

Susan Says: Is Labour’s Council Leader up to the Job?

While Harrow residents face a 4% council tax hike, a £75 bin collection charge and service cuts across the board, the Council’s ruling Labour Group are looking after their own. At the authority’s Annual meeting last week, Labour announced that former Leader Cllr. David Perry is to sit as a non-executive member on Cabinet. At …

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Mar 24 2016

Susan Says: How Zac can win in Harrow

Spotted on Conservative Home… If you can forgive being reminded of the old Ferrero Rocher adverts, I think it’s fair to say that Zac really has been spoiling us in Harrow. This week he will make his fourth visit to the borough since the start of the campaign. He also launched the first of his …

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