Dec 29 2016

Guest Post: Christmas Cheer at Northwick Park Hospital

guest_post_2On Monday 26th of December, myself and volunteers including staff at Moorfields Eye Hospital, Northwick Park Hospital and local residents visited fifteen wards at Northwick Park Hospital. Wards included Care of the Elderly, Stroke unit, Haematology and Cardiology wards. Having worked in hospital for six years, I know too well how lonely Christmas can be for patients who are too frail to go home or have nobody to visit them. Loneliness can really affect them at this time of year especially being in hospital, which is traditionally spent with family and loved ones. Recent estimates by Age UK suggest that 650,000 to 800,000 people aged 65+ in the UK say they are always or often lonely. Also as per Age UK, nearly a million of the respected elderly find Christmas lonelier than other times of the year.

Therefore following the success of our visit in 2014 and 2015, we expanded our visit from two wards to fifteen wards and delivered 325 gifts! Gifts were handed out to patients by Santa, paid for by the generous donation of people from all walks of life, which I am ever so grateful for. Snacks were also brought for staff and patients, all donated by NHS staff at Northwick Park and Moorfields Eye Hospital. The day was a huge success in bringing happiness to staff, patients and their relatives.

20161229_christmas_cheerChristmas has traditionally been a time of giving and patients in hospital are in great need of love and companionship. Inspired by this year and last year’s success, myself and other volunteers look forward to visiting patients including the respected elderly every Christmas, not just at Northwick Park Hospital but other local hospitals too.

Kosar Pedram
Specialist Pharmacist,Satellite Pharmacy Manager
Moorfields Eye Hospital at Northwick Park Hospital

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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    What a caring and loving gesture.That is truly what Christmas is all about.So proud of your actions.Sure to be blessed by those who had this lovely visit.God bless.Need more large-hearted folk like you.

    Wish all of you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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