Feb 28 2013

Avanti House Free School Relocating Shortly

avanti_house_logoAvanti House Free School will be relocated to another local authority from September 2013.

Harrow Council Leader, Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar, said: “It is with deep regret that we have to announce that the Department for Education (DfE) has decided to relocate the Avanti House Free School to another local authority from September 2013.

“The DfE’s free schools programme has decided the Teachers’ Centre site, in Tudor Road , Wealdstone, where the school is currently located, is not large enough to accommodate its future expansion plans for the school.

“We are disappointed by this decision and for the families offered a place at the school or who currently attend the school. We have done everything in our power over the past twelve months to try and work with the DfE and find a way to accommodate the school at this site. We are bitterly disappointed that this wonderful opportunity has now been lost.

“This level of last minute planning by the DfE is unfair on the school and the Council which have both worked so hard to bring this school to Harrow. We will now work to ensure that the transition of the school is as smooth as possible and that the disruption caused by this move is kept to an absolute minimum.

“Harrow , along with local authorities across the country, is yet to receive funding from the Government to build or expand schools for much needed additional places for children. Harrow Council’s Children Services has a clear schools’ expansion plan in place based on the needs of schools and residents. We will continue with our expansion plans in the hope that the DfE will let us know the level of funding we will receive.

“We will now work with other partners to look into the possibility of opening a new free school at the Teachers’ Centre site. We are sorry to lose the Avanti House Free School and wish them the very best of luck in their future endeavours.”

Parents who have applied for a school place or have a child who currently attends the school are advised to contact the school directly on 020 8249 6830 if they have any questions about this news.

Source: Harrow Council

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  1. Schoolsoutforever

    This is an interesting development as it has serious repercussions on the existing primary school expansion plans. There has always been concern that when all the children that will be going into the proposed expanded schools eventually come out the top end and need high school places that there will not be enough room. The councils answer to this was;

    “The increased demand for school places is primarily driven by the increased birth rate, and you (sic) are therefore correct in identifying that more places will be required in high schools. The increased demand will impact on high schools from around 2016 onwards, and this has been highlighted to councillors. You may be aware that the government has announced that a new free school will be established in Harrow which includes six forms of entry in the secondary phase (i.e. 180 pupils in each year group). The proposed permanent site for this free school is at the Harrow Teachers’ Centre site in Tudor Road, Wealdstone. If this school is established there it will contribute significantly to the additional high school places likely to be required..”

    So Harrow Council…… before you start expanding any Primary schools perhaps you should first work out where those children are going to go for their secondary education ? Let’s have some joined up forward thinking for a change rather than inappropriate knee jerk reactions which serve no purpose other than a round of self congratulatory backslapping in the council chambers as more worthless legacies are foistered on the long suffering residents of Harrow.

  2. Praxis Reform

    Why didn’t they notice the site wasn’t big enough when they planned to open a school there. Now, a load of kids will have their education disrupted when they have to travel to a different borough or transfer to a new school.

    Presumable many thousands of pounds have been wasted on preparing the infrastructure, which will likely now be mothballed

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