Feb 04 2013

200+ Redundancies at Harrow Council Looming

job-losses-150x150According to the grapevine today, some 200+ redundancies are about to hit at Harrow Council, with 70 of those from Public Realm – the people who sweep streets, look after parks, fix streetlights – all the things that might be classed as ‘frontline services’ and which we’ve heard, many many times, won’t be impacted.

We understand that  those affected can apply for other jobs within the council, but with limitations. For example, there are said to be seven job losses in one group, but with two new roles being created – those affected can, of course, apply for the ‘new’ roles. In other cases, sacrificed employees can apply for jobs with a lower pay, but only if the new job pays 80% or more of their current salary. If that’s not bad enough, we’re told that those ‘lower paid’ jobs haven’t actually been defined yet, so how they can apply for them isn’t clear.

What is clear, though, is that Public Realm services are going to suffer: you can’t simply take an axe to 70+ people and not affect the service from those that are left behind to pick up the mess – literally, in this case.


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