Dec 29 2010

Roxeth Recreation Ground Management Plan 2006 – 2011

Every so often, you stumble across something of random interest. Today’s very good example of that is the Roxeth Recreation Ground Management Plan 2006 – 2011 produced by Harrow Council, which is an 81-page document stuffed full of history, sustainability, heath and safety, etc., etc., etc.

It describes the Rec’ as:

Roxeth Recreation Ground is one of Harrow’s main parks. It is a well-used and loved community park located next to the primary shopping location in South Harrow and as such has a large target group of users. The park has a mix of ornamental gardens, sports and play facilities to attract the broadest cross section of users and has something of interest for a diverse range of local people.

As someone who lives near to this park – and having two young children, we tend to use it a lot – there’s much more to this park than would immediately be obvious. For example, at the far end of the park (the South, and South-Western parts) is a small nature reserve, where the area has been left to grow wild. The paved areas throughout the park give you a lap distance of just under half a mile (or, if you take the long route, just over half a mile). And it has an excellent children’s play area.

The Management Plan gives some history of the park as well:

1898 – Roxeth Recreation Ground was opened ‘just before the Diamond Jubilee’, due to the efforts of John Short, the ‘Member for Roxeth’. The Board purchased the ground for the sum of £1750. Initially the only access was from the footpath from South Hill Avenue. The extent of the land was 14 acres, 1 rod and 33 perches. The purchase of the two fields for £1750 was completed on March 29th. These fields have evolved into the present Roxeth Recreation Ground.


1939 – During the Second World War a large underground Air Raid Shelter was built inside the main entrance. The construction was of pre cast concrete. The shelters remained in place until 2004 but as the entrances kept opening up making them unsafe they were collapsed in and made safe. The ground was levelled to improve the quality of the cricket outfield. The ground was transformed into allotments during the World War II. The Recreation ground became one of the focal points of the South-Harrow community.

Do have a read of the Management Plan. I’m sure you’ll find it of great interest.

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