Jun 30 2012

332 Northolt Road – Development up for sale?

We spotted a planning application this week concerning 332 Northolt Road – you’ll recall we’ve written on this many times before. The original plan was for 50 flats, with 10 of those as affordable housing, although that seems to be changing now.

A letter from Home Group Ltd to Clearview expresses an interest in buying the development, changing the mix of housing to:

  • 18 Social Rented Housing Units
  • 18 Intermediate Housing Units (shared ownership)
  • 14 Private Sale Units

Incidentally, as part of the deal getting approval originally, and whilst we’d hesitate to call it a ‘backhander’, the Council was to receive some £4,000 towards open space improvements nearby. It’s unclear if that is affected by this change.

This is clearly a ‘good thing’ for the Council, as it has a minimum limit of 40% of social housing requirements in new developments, and this take it to nearly double that, so that’s another target ticked off. However, whether this change is received positively by those living in the local area is possibly another question.

Remember also that there are only 18 car parking spaces available here – perhaps these change might have an impact on the number of cars parked there, although whether demand for parking will increase or decrease as a result of it, we’d rather not guess.

Comments online to Harrow Planning Portal quoting reference P/1701/12 (or, for the original application, P/2400/11).



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