Feb 08 2015

£75 Bin Collections in Harrow? Forget asking residents – it’s a done deal

harrow_council_logoSomething odd seems to be going on at the Council, at least in terms of consultation on the £75 bin collection scheme, which despite being ‘consulted on’ with the fine residents in the borough, seems to be a done deal, regardless of the outcome of the consultation.

According to Harrow People – the Council’s in-house publicity organ – it’ll start in October 2015:

From October 1st 2015, householders will be asked to pay £75 a year for a fortnightly collection of garden waste. Another significant change is that residents will be given a small bin just for food waste and a new kitchen caddy. The new smaller bin will be emptied weekly.

Cllr Varsha Parmar, portfolio holder for environment, crime and community safety, said: “We have reluctantly had to introduce a modest charge for the disposal of garden waste as part of our savings programme…”

Seems fairly clear: not “could” or “might” or “may” – it’s all a clear and definite “will” – not much doubt there.

Now, the copy of Harrow People – which is distributed all all of the borough’s households – and published on the the council’s website, was finalised on January 12, 2015, just six days after the consultation started, and two-and-a-half weeks before it closed. So how could this possibly be a decision based on residents’ views, when the consultation hadn’t even finished, let alone the results be analysed? The only possible conclusion that anyone could reach was that the consultation was simply a device to be ignored: in effect, the council – having already published it’s decision on bin charges – would simply proceed to ignore the results of the consultation, or, indeed, hope that they agreed with the decision they’d already made.

The evidence? Here’s the screen capture from the consultation portal (other consultations removed, to make it clearer to read):


And here’s the properties of the Harrow People magazine:


And here’s a cutting from page 21 of the magazine, announcing the changes, before the consultation had finished:20150208_bin_can_consultation_captureFeel like you’ve been scammed? Maybe you’d better sign the petition against the £75 brown bin charge, here.


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  1. Mystic Meg

    Well well what a surprise! Harrow Council ignores the views of the tax paying residents!! Well here’s a solution. Why don’t we simply all refuse not pay? How many of us can they drag to court? Just saying…

  2. sonoo malkani

    I am not usually in favour of refusing payment but since this Labour Council is hell-bent on slapping this Garden Tax on us residents WITHOUT ANY CONSULTATION whatsoever,it may be that the time has come for HARROVIANS to band together and NOT PAY.

    Harrow Council
    should have had the courtesy of speaking with our citizens,and reached an acceptable compromise.Instead,they have shown total contempt for the people whom they wish to foist this on,exactly as they seem to be doing with our libraries.

  3. Gubbage

    You voted for them, democracy at work. You had a Conservative council and you booted them out for this bunch.

    1. Mystic Meg

      Absolutely right Gubbage! We reap what we sow. I personally cannot believe that this motley crew were voted in. They had “previous” with us, and yet, the people of Harrow had faith in them and blindly voted them back in!.

  4. sonoo malkani

    Once is shame on them!Second time round SHAME ON US—ie those who CHOSE to put them in the driving seat!Been a complete disaster.

    Even so,we cannot sit back and allow ourselves to be bullied by those in power—no matter which team may be the “ruling” one.This is not the time to turn the other cheek!

    Yes,we are a DEMOCRACY and the way we are proceeding is TOTALLY UNDEMOCRATIC. They are riding rough shod simply to balance their books—casualties don’t matter!

  5. Mystic Meg

    Sonoo if you look at the number of outraged people who have bothered to comment on this article ( total sum of 3!) it tells you how apathetic the residents of Harrow are. It is this inertia that allows the Council to behave in this way. They absolutely know that they wont be challenged and can do whatever they like. A few of us will blow off steam, maybe discuss with friends and may even bother to compose a letter to the Leader or CEO. Beyond that, nothing! Oh and I wish anyone well to actually write and complain to the CEO or the leader. Apparently, even letters from our MP are not worthy of a reply so we have no chance as mere residents. Michael Lockwood is probably still trying out the comfy chair in his office and pontificating his naval. He doesn’t have time to worry about what we think. He’s got his money in the bag and ain’t no one performance measuring him! Remember he came bottom of the interviewing process but still bagged the biggest job in Harrow.- nice one Michael.

    We really need a ground swell of dissent and for people to make their feelings known. Otherwise many more decisions will be taken without our consent and we will be forced to accept them. Now that is democracy Harrow Style.

  6. Harrow Dude

    Are you saying it’s a done deal?
    Are you saying that the consultation was just a pointless paper exercise?
    Are you saying that they really couldn’t care less what we the residents think?
    Surely not, it’s not like they have already employed someone to manage this project….
    They wouldn’t do that,… would they?

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