Jan 25 2013

£90 to change a light bulb? Really?

coinsWell, maybe it’s more than just changing a light bulb, but Harrow Council’s list of Service Charges seems to have an awful lot of £89.93 invoice charges for repairing lights in it’s properties.

The September 2012 Service Charges invoice list shows a couple of entries, invoiced the same:

  • Repair square light outside flat no 49 – constantly flickering.
  • Light not working outside flat 119 – Renew 2D lamp and starter.
  • Caretaker reports faulty light fitting for strip light outside flat 9/10. Pls investigate and remedy fault.

How about unblocking drains? That’s got a charge of £179.16 attached to it. Or a charge of £85 for what is almost certainly a faulty ball valve (under a tenner at B&Q).

Unblocking a gutter? £360. Reattaching a broken door? £361. New glass in a front door? Almost £200.

It’s interesting to see where the money goes. Have a look at the full list, here.


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  1. MILES

    dont forget that when yr tradesman gas water elec parks at yr house harrow council will be pleased to give him parking ticket £60 AS THEir PART OF THE CONTRACT . THE PARKING IS SO BAD IN B OF harrow and everyone is liable to get ticket

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