Aug 24 2013

98% of iharrow.com Readers Think Cllr Akhtar Should Resign

husain_akhtar1Cast your mind back over the last month or so, and you’ll have read all about the antics our Cllr Husain Akhtar (Independant, Canons). We won’t rehash it, but you can click on #HusainGate to read all about that particular mess.

We ran a poll for a few weeks to see if people thought that Cllr Aktar’s time as a councillor should come to an end, following his behaviour, and the results make interesting – if not particularly surprising – reading.

We asked:

Cllr Husain Akhtar (acting under the banner of the HCJ) has an apparent history of bullying other councillors. Should he resign as a councillor?

161 readers voted, with the following result::

  • 98% (157 readers) thought that yes, he should resign.
  • 2% (4 readers) thought that no, he shouldn’t.

We put these numbers to Akhtar earlier this week, and asked for a brief comment. Akhtar appears to have gone reticent, for a change, and no reply was forthcoming. We did point out to him that “…it’s important to get your side of the story, or at least, solicit it, so that it’s fair…” to no avail.

Canons’ residents would do well to remember this episode in local politics should Akhtar decide to stand in next year’s elections, and express their feelings at the ballot box.

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