Jan 17 2014

A Reader’s Question: Where’s the money coming from?

question_mark_and_manOne of the many emails we had this week was from Bazza08, who asked:

I would like to ask a question… when I complained about uneven and sometimes (in my opinion dangerous) pavements the other week, a chap from Harrow Council came out to see me and I pointed out all the problems, his excuse why they could not be fix quickly (he could not even give me a time scale for the work to be done) is “because the council does not have enough money to carry out the repairs”.

Then not long after the Harrow People Magazine drops through my door and on page 3 is Susan Hall saying Harrow Council are going to spend £500.000 to clean up the borough, then today she announces Harrow Council is going to spend an extra £100.000 on planting trees and green areas,…. is this the same £100.000 mentioned in Harrow People Magazine or is she now saying that Harrow Council is going to spend £200.000 on parks and trees?

It seems that Harrow Council has money just none for doing repairs to pavements and footways!!

My question is “where has all this money suddenly come from for cleaning, planting trees and green areas, so why do they have no money for pavements and roads?”

We asked Council Leader, Susan Hall, to respond. She wrote:

I totally understand Bazza’s frustration and if only this was an easy issue to resolve.  The sad fact is that to repair our roads and highways would cost over 150 million.  The figure is in the Capital budget.  Each year an amount is set aside to repair as much as we can, we then have a scoring mechanism that dictates where the need is greatest. Meanwhile we have many other priorities that have to be addressed and residents were constantly complaining, justifiably, that the streets were filthy and our parks were being neglected.

We also suffered terrible storms and we lost many trees.  The money for the cleaning is well documented and the figure of 100k is the recent money that I have redirected. The monies for all this were in a fund that the Labour Leader had put into a ‘transformation’ fund for the Leader to use.  I feel that cleaning our borough employing new planning enforcers and fraud team members added to the replacement of trees is a good way of spending this ‘transformation’ money.

If you’ve got a question you’d like to put to the Council, feel free to email it to info@iharrow.com – we’ll try and get a weekly column of Q&As going.


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  1. j p hobbs

    I makes me very angry when Politicians ask where is the money coming from when asked to provide something for the UK or its people , it could and should come from the same place the ten Billion every year comes from to go to African countrys that are rich in oil and minerals and are sending our money into Space , that should be called money laundering .or theft from the British people yes time to stop put our own first . we have one of the worst pensions in the developed world our eldery are starving an feezing and it is getting worse . roll on may hit them in the suberbs it can hurt . Sorry had a bad day , cant you tell ?

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