Aug 05 2016

A Resident Writes – Harrow Council: “Corruption”, “Wasted Money” and “Incompetent”

It’s always nice to get copies of letters, leaked emails or other newsworthy stuff when the council is upsetting residents. Here’s one about the re-hash of the Early Intervention Service (which is reducing it’s budget by 27%) and arrives the day after the council handed out massive payrises to a couple of Lockwood right-hand knuckle-shufflers.


We’ve asked Michael Lockwood if he wants to comment, and if we get a response, we’ll add it here. We’re nothing if not fair!

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  1. Council Employee

    What an excellent and honest assessment of the state Harrow Council is in. Social workers are handed massive caseloads which are dangerous and then given ludicrous time limits to get the work done. if the work isn’t done in time cases are referred to the early Intervention Service, which is also under the same strain, in a bid to offload cases. Social workers who don’t comply and try to get the work done properly usually end up on the missing list, there one day and gone the next.

    What is going to happen in October when EIS loses 30 dedicated, hard working members of staff? Where will vulnerable and at risk young people and families get their support from? certainly not from Michael Lockwood as he creeps back to the Shires every night with the rest of the hobbits.

    1st response had 5 social workers sacked in less than a week when the new manager came in just so she could bring in staff she knew from elsewhere. If that isn’t nepotism, what is?

  2. Someonewhocares

    Very useful insights from both the leaked letter and the Employee too; If possible these are most useful before the event -as there is more chance the adverse criticism could affect the outcome. Other ‘Whistle Blowers’ take note!

  3. Harrow Dude

    Lockwood won’t respond as he is too scared to face the public or staff and as for Sachin he’s incompetent and quite frankly impotent as a Leader.

    They say a man is as good as his word…what are these two say absolutely nothing.of any worth…

    Good luck Harrow

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