Dec 01 2012

A Typical Day in the life of a Harrow Councillor

Cllr Sue Anderson (Labour, Greenhill ward) has written a rather interesting blog on Harrow Labour’s website, which explains a typical day in the life of a councillor. We’ve reproduced parts of it below, but you can read the entire artcile on their website, here.

This week has been unusual as I have had no formal council committee meetings. Sadly this does not mean I have been able to sit at home putting my feet up. Councillors manage to fill up their time no matter what. If we get really desperate there are always more background papers to read…

…I also enjoyed helping a constituent with a complaint about a large puddle. You might think this is not important. But if you are blind and the puddle is wide, deep and right in front of the bus stop, it is important. I was pleased that council officers went out and looked at it straight away, cleaned it out and have arranged for a repair to be carried out in the next few weeks…

…[An] unhappy moment was finding I could not access my council e-mails at home – for the second weekend running. Because I have work and have caring responsibilities, the option of spending hours at the Civic Centre dealing with correspondence is not open to me. This issue has been dragging on for months, so I sent a stiff e-mail to the Deputy Chief Executive asking for practical assistance. I can’t imagine what this would be, but I’m sure a resourceful officer will think of something!…

Disappointing to see that he Council’s email system still isn’t fixed – as Sue says, it really has “…been dragging on for months…” as we’ve reported, a number of times, here.

You can follow Cllr Anderson on Twitter as @xantheand (no, we can’t figure out that name, either).

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