Feb 23 2012

Admiral Nurses in Harrow – Petition for reinstatement

Interesting article in the Harrow Observer this week about Admiral Nurses, and the support they gave to dementia sufferers in the borough:

“Neville Hughes, whose wife Nina died two years ago, collected an impressive 3,000 signatures from supporters of Admiral Nurses, a service which supports people with dementia and their families, which was axed last year. The two nurses who served the borough were jointly paid for by the borough’s Primary Care Trust (PCT), NHS Harrow, and Harrow Council, but there has been disagreements between the two bodies about which is responsible for the service.”

You can read the entire article on the Harrow Observer’s site, here. An earlier story from October 2011 is also available here.

As something which is affecting more and more people, dementia care is likely to be a big issue in coming years. NHS Harrow withdrew funding over a year ago, which resulting in Harrow Council stopping the service. However, as Bill Stephenson, Leader of the Council said, “Who cares whose responsibility it is, people just want help and are not interested in arguments between the PCT and the council.”

It’s worth pointing out that anyone who collects over 2,500 signatures on a petition can force the council to debate an issue at cabinet.

Picture credit: Harrow Observer.

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