Jul 12 2013

Adopt a Flower Bed in Harrow

harrow_council_logo2Harrow Council is looking for residents willing to adopt a flower bed.

Flowers and plants play an important part in enhancing our urban environment, whether they are in our parks and open spaces or on our streets.

The Adopt A Bed scheme has been established to encourage individuals, community groups or businesses to take on the maintenance of a flower bed in their local area. It’s completely free to adopt a bed and we’ll provide you with the flowers and shrubs, as well as put up a plaque with your name or organisation to show your support.

What’s involved

You can choose a particular flower bed you would like to adopt or we can help you decide upon a suitable bed. All we ask is that you agree to adopt the bed for at least a year and undertake the maintenance, which is also likely to involve litter picking and weeding. We will support you by providing information about your plants and how to care for them.

Consider adopting a bed – it’s fun, rewarding and a great way to brighten up your borough.

You can get more information and apply to adopt a flower bed online here.

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  1. j p hobbs

    This sounds like central government , over the years they have sold almost everything off so little left for them to do ( EVEN OUR GOLD RESERVES ) This lot who pontificate about road safety allow people to rent roundabouts then some prat puts up a big bush , rockery or advertisement so that drivers approaching cant see whats coming from the right , !!!!!! CRASH not our fault !!!!!!!
    They leave Uni knowing B-all about the outside world .

  2. Peter Tucker

    I doubt if any one will be interested in maintaining the nettles, docks, ragwort, brambles and thistles rampant in some Parks. The Council’s actions having encouraged their rapid spread perhaps the Council had better carry on looking after these themselves.
    Why on earth are councillors employing half-wits that decide to stop-providing basic services that should be in the Borough’s DNA, increase the Council tax and then try and abdicate the Borough’s responsibilities by shovelling the task on the backs of local residents? Even worse, spinning it in such a way as to make it sound like the council is doing us all a favour.
    Roll on election time – and I for one won’t begrudge any payoffs to get these deadbeats off the payroll and sensible people with common sense installed in their stead.
    This used to be known as the mechanics of the madhouse. You couldn’t make it up.

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