Feb 01 2011

Alley Gates in Harrow

Many of the houses and other properties of South Harrow, by design, have alley ways running behind them.  Perhaps the most well-known of these is the service road, which runs parallel to Northolt Road from Roxeth Grove, past Welldon Park Junior School, and all the way up to Parkfield Road.  Although designed with the best intentions in mind (giving residents in the terraced houses access to the rear of their properties), many of these have lapsed into no-go areas of crime, drinking, assault and fly-tipping.

Harrow Council has a Policy and Procedure about Alley Gating, which although dated mid-2008, still retains it’s value today.  Alley Gating is all about installing gates at each end of an alley, with the intention of only allowing residents of those affected properties access.  The Council estimates there are 500 alleyways in the borough, and, because of their classification as service roads, means that the council doesn’t have a responsibility to maintain them.

The Council will ‘score’ a request for alley gates based on a number of factors: repeated incidents of fly-tipping, repeated incidents of litter complains, anti-social behaviour, police reports, and reports to the fire brigade (presumably, due to fires).  The points accumulated in that will determine the financial contribution (between zero and 100%) and the priority level.  A Priority One item should be installed within six months of the request being made.

Requests for alley gates will only be considered if they come from any of the following: elected council members, the ASB unit, Public Realm, Environmental health, Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams or the London Fire Brigade.

For more information, help and assistance, please contact your local Police Safer Neighbourhod Team, and discuss the options with them.

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