Apr 18 2012

Alley Gates on-the-way for Northolt Road Residents

Roxeth’s local councillors delivered some good news to South Harrow and Roxeth Residents’ Association last night: alley gates are coming to a large stretch of the Northolt Road to stop, once and for all, the anti-social behaviour which the alley ways and service roads are becoming known for. From drug use, to drinking, from urination/defecation to muggings, the alleys have turned into both a no-mans land, as well as providing cover for house burglaries.

The current plans are for gates at the following sections of the alleys and service roads:

  • Parkfield Road to Eastcote Road (HSBC)
  • Eastcote Road to Whitby Road (Superdrug)
  • Whitby Road to Wargrave Road (Greggs, St Luke’s, Boots, Santander)
  • Wargrave Road to Scarsdale Road (Nandos, Post Office)
  • Scarsdale Road to Wyvenhoe Road (Duncan House)

Oddly, this misses out the Wyvenhoe to Roxeth Grove stretch – perhaps one of the worst-affected areas. If you’d like to make representations to your local councillors, see here, here and here. By installing lockable gates at the end of problem alleyways the quality of life for residents and businesses can be improved. The gates can drastically reduce the likelihood of burglars gaining access to the rear of your properties. They can also protect the alley from rubbish dumping, fly-tipping and other anti-social behaviour. The gate will mean that residents and businesses regain control of these spaces as only residents and businesses who need access get a key to the gate.

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