Apr 20 2012

Alley Gates? Resident snubbed by Local Councillors

alley_gatesThe Harrow Observer has a letter this week (in the paper, not on their website, which seems be be two months out-of-date with respect to readers letters) from a resident who had tried – without success – to contact her local councillors to talk about alley gates:

WHAT do you do if your local councillors don’t want to know? My husband is trying to get gates installed in the alleyways at the rear of the houses in Ravenswood Crescent, South Harrow. We are fed up with burglaries, fly-tipping and local ne’er-do-wells using them for drug-dealing.

He contacted the council just after Christmas and was told that he needed to speak to one of our local councillors. So he started with Mr Henson, who said he’d come round and see us. To our knowledge, he never showed. Then he tried Mr Currie, left messages, but again heard nothing. Finally, he spoke to Mr Dharmarajah, who promised to get back to him, but so far hasn’t.

My husband has been very persistent and has phoned each of them many times, but they just don’t want to know. I have three questions: What is the point of these people? What exactly is their function? How have other people in our area managed to get their alleyways gated? If someone can throw any light on this for me, I’d be extremely grateful.


Ravenswood Crescent, Harrow

We asked the councillors involved if they’d like to comment on this article before we published it. Like Mr and Mrs Lawani, we received no response to our queries. If any other Roxbourne residents want to have a go, here are their email addresses:


Alley gates go a long way to making residents feel safer, happier, more secure – and, we’d imagine, of course, more likely to vote for those very councillors who helped them out!

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