Mar 09 2011

Allotments in South Harrow (Part I)

With an allotment you get to produce cheap homegrown organic food, with the knowledge that it is fresher than any thing you can buy from a shop. Nothing compares to the taste of your own freshly picked tomatoes; full of vitamins, free from harmful chemicals and not genetically modified.
  • Recycling

Allotments are the perfect model for recycling. There’s no packaging to the crops you produce, and any waste is used to form compost for the following season.

All sorts of things can be recycled on allotments. Green waste from your garden or kitchen can be recycled in a compost heap along with newspaper and cardboard.

Plastic bottles can be reused as cloches, cardboard tubes as plant pots and aluminium foil as bird scarers.

The list is limited only by your imagination! Information on the location of allotments, site vacancies and rental fees can be found at harrowinleaf.org.uk. To apply for an allotment, visit Harrow Council, by clicking here.

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