Jul 09 2015

Another £100k “Golden Goodbye” for Another Council Corporate Director?

harrow_council_logoThe latest rumour to leak from the Civic Centre this week is suggesting that another of the Council’s Corporate Director’s will be walking away with a nice £100,000+ lump sum shortly. We’ve seen a few of these before, but this one appears slightly different.

The Chief Exec has recently completed his review of the management structure at the Council – admittedly, he took his time dithering over it, but at least he got there in the end – and as a result, identified some posts that would go, whilst others would remain. This particular post even took on some additional responsibility whilst being ring-fenced.

However, it now seems that a golden goodbye could be in the offing to this particular Director. So what happened?

We’ve no idea. The council no longer responds to requests for comments from iharrow – hardly surprising, when we keep digging up things they’d rather keep quiet – so we’re unlikely to find out any time soon. What we do know is that there’s no scheduled meeting of the Chief Officers’ Employment Panel set yet – the last was in May – so it may all just be a pipe dream of someone idly wishing they could escape from the borough, particularly given the number of senior officers who have left the council over recent months. Having “Harrow” on your CV clearly isn’t the accolade it might once have been.

Yes, folks. That’s the sound of your hard-earned council tax being frittered away.

Source(s): Cabinet 17.06.2015 “Senior Management Restructure” and Senior Management Organisation Chart 18.05.2015.

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  1. red mirror

    yeah harrow council is corrupt wow no fooling i got sacked for trying to reveal sex abuse of a special needs employee thanks to a former councilor telling the offenders the whole council is sick and stinks of corruption

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