Apr 13 2014

Another 40 Neighbourhood Champions Trained

harrow_council_logoAnother 40 residents joined Harrow’s team of Neighbourhood Champions last week, gathering at Harrow’s Civic Centre for an afternoon of training.

They were MC’d by Leader of the Council Susan Hall, given a presentation from Harrow Police, and had a chance to spend a short time with representatives from around the Council, to learn how they can help make the borough a better, safer and cleaner place.

We have a number of photos of the session in action.

photo (19) photo (2) photo (4) photo (5)

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  1. sonoo malkani

    An excellent addition to our bank of Neighbourhood Champions who are doing such fine work.Welcome aboard.Great to have you join the troops in our fight against crime.

  2. John Clement

    It appears to me that 90% of this group are drawn from the demographic which now only constitutes 40% of Harrow. Which suggests that some groups have much higher communityvalues than others.

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