May 25 2013

Another Harrow Council Vehicle Caught Parking in Disabled Bay

In an exercise of good customer relations, the video below shows a Harrow Council worker, parked in a disabled bay. In this video, we also see a Harrow Council CCTV vehicle sitting directly opposite (parked on an operational single yellow line).

The accompanying comment, provided by the photographer, says:

This is a video I recorded this morning. I noticed a Harrow Council truck stopped in a disabled bay for a couple of minutes. There was nothing happening, the staff were just sitting in it so I approached the vehicle and took a couple of photos.

The driver alighted the truck and began to tell me it was ‘against the law’ to take photos of people without their prior consent.

It took me a further 20 – 30 seconds to get my video recorder to work and I recorded the following exchange.

To be fair to the driver, I have checked the rules and you can stop in a disabled bay if you are ‘actively’ loading or unloading and if the gentleman hadn’t got out of the vehicle to speak to me he may well have been within the 5 minute time frame he had between ‘Actively’ unloading and moving off.

Saying that, I would like to pose this question: Is sweeping the road within the definition of ‘Actively’ unloading?

Would Harrow Council have been as reasonable to me if I was parked in a disabled bay, sweeping the path in front of my home? Or would I have been issued a ticket?

I guess we will never know.

Source: CommunityActionYES on YouTube


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