Apr 16 2016

Another Harrow Councillor in a Spot of Bother

harrow_council_brokenBlimey. You go away for a couple of weeks to top up the sun tan, get away from it all (and perhaps, drink just a little more than you should…) and all hell breaks loose whilst you’re on a beach in some far-flung part of the world enjoying the complete absence of the internet.

So to recap local news, Cllr Susan Hall joins the list of councillors who’ve had the constabulary breathing down their neck. It’s not as uncommon as you might think: in recent years, we’ve had the now ex-Conservative councillor Robert Benson charged after being caught with his dick out in a public toilet, the now ex-Independent councillor Hussain Akhtar reported to the police over harassment of a young female model, the now ex-Labour councillor David Gawn, found guilty in court of fraud and the now ex-Labour councillor Brian Gate cautioned by the boys in blue over child-porn offences. There are quite probably more we don’t know about.

Cllr Hall’s spot of bother is all around an allegation (from the unions? from Mr Akhtar? from Labour?) that during February 2016’s Council Meeting “…it is claimed she did not declare she owns a business in the area, which means Cllr Hall should have been removed from the discussion.” According to the minutes, Cllr Hall “declared a non-pecuniary interest in that she ran a business in Wealdstone.”

It’s an impressively constructed pincer movement to shut her up from going on about brown bins (which is likely the next storm to break over the troubled waters of Harrow).

In other news, Cllr Sachin Shah wins what might have been a hotly-contested seat as leader of the Labour group, which will also make him leader of the council from next month, and it’ll be interesting to see what change he makes to the cabinet line-up going forward. It will also be interesting to see if he keeps the administration’s previous promise to give a non-voting seat on cabinet to the Conservative group and to the voluntary sector.

Politics. It’s a messy old game, isn’t it.

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  1. Elijah Traven

    Harrow council never stops entertaining us. Councillor Susan Hall had a temporary lapse of memory it seems. A very minor lapse it must be said. Still if it shuts her up from going on about brown bins (a fetish I assume) then we can all be thankful. Hasn’t she got anything better to witter on about? And now Harrow council gets a new leader. I wish him well. He will need a lot of well wishes in this very strange borough. The council gets a lot of close public attention. Let’s keep them all on their toes.

    1. red mirror

      well said Elijah and susan has plenty to say when it comes to receiving self aggrandizement and ego massaging she seems to defy the laws of Newtonian physics and become omni present whilst maniacally grinning in every photo opportunity that comes along in the local press be it the brown bin non issue or bothering folk who are trying to relax after an honest days work in their local pub under a complete faux campaign against [DRUGS ] please for heavens sake come on such propaganda maneuvers are so jaded and old even Edward Bearnaise would be yawning BUT approach blue sue with a real live wire like the illegality and unlawfulness of council tax and its no reply ROARING SILENCE wont touch it must toe the party line like you Elijah i am not surprised by Susan s silence i only wish it will continue until her (POLITICAL ??????? CAREER COMES TO AN END ) god bless Elijah be ever vigilant of these people posing as public servants for behind the mask be it blue or red lurks a very different creature a problematic monster that Freud refer d to as the shadow it can be exorcised very definitely but only BY the correct means THANK YOU PAUL FOR THIS PLATFORM AND HAVING THE COURAGE TO LET THE LITTLE PEOPLE VENT

  2. Richard Gordon

    Welcome back!

  3. red mirror

    well here we go again i said a little while ago that this year would reveal a lot of corruption and filth listen all that you have mentioned paul is the tip of the iceberg porn and filthy material are rife among a certain group in the council and they all close ranks whenever their sick activities may be revealed yes even female Councillors i went to senior staff with very real concerns for a colleague who was being abused by his superiors and YES i was sacked for trying to do the right thing well i hope more and more of this comes out lying cheating deceiving poseurs with more ego and greed than morals COWARDS ALL GOD BLESS PAUL WELCOME BACK.

  4. Rosie Pole

    you have forgotton to cover the tory leadership challege

  5. peter day

    Now that was a surprise NOT

  6. Concerned Harrovian

    Quote from the article

    “The now ex-Independent councillor Hussain Akhtar reported to the police over harassment of a young female model.”

    Hussain Akhtar is hardly in a position to take the moral high ground. Has he ever made a public apology for the harassment of the young female model?

  7. Peter Hamill

    Hussain Akhtar has been a member of most political parties at one time or another and has complained about every aspect of Harrow. I don’t know why he doesn’t move to a more suitable location – the Faroe Isles?

  8. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    Suggesting sending Hussain Akhtar to the Faroe Islands where Whaling is still legal,how devious.

  9. Concerned Harrovian

    Hectors House

    I think mermaids might more his style. Sirenia – perhaps a manatee or dugong. Would the Faroes be far enough away? When is he going to apologise to the young lady?

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