May 04 2013

Arboricultural Plea for Help from Harrow Council

young_treesHarrow Council have planted over 400 new trees throughout the Borough during the planting season. There are still some late trees to be planted. We do have a watering programme in place which is in progress, but trees can always do with more water at this time of year so that they can get established and root into the surrounding ground.

If you have noticed new trees on your street it would be of great assistance if you able to organise extra water, especially with this warm weather. This would consist of pouring a few gallons of water down the watering pipe once or twice a week.

Source: Harrow Council

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  1. Linda Robinson

    It’s good that so many new trees are being planted, but they need more than just watering if they are to survive and look nice in our streets. What about proper tree care? I’ve noticed that a lot of the trees planted in recent years have been neglected, especially around around Wealdstone and Harrow Weald. Broken stakes have not been replaced. Ties have not been loosened as the trees grow too big for them. The council has not cut back low growing branches and shoots, so people have just snapped them off to stop them blocking the pavement. None of this is good for the health of the trees.

    Such a great investment in planting is wasted unless it is followed through with arboricultural aftercare so that these trees can establish properly.

    So it’s all very well appealing for the public to water those that are newly planted, but what is the council doing to make sure all of our young street trees receive enough professional attention so that they’ll grace our streets for years to come?

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