May 01 2013

Attention Harrow Council Public Realm Workers – Get in Touch

email-inbox-150x150An unusual article, this one.

If you work at Harrow Council in the Public Realm department – the people who sweep roads, lock/unlock parks, clean graffiti, and look after community safety – particularly if you’re affected by Harrow Council’s huge slash-n-burn cuts to the service, please get in touch, and let us know what’s happening.

We guarantee you’ll remain anonymous. If you’d rather, use a hotmail-type email service to send a phone number, and we’ll call you back at a time to suit. No names mentioned.

It’s incredible that the Council is making what many will see as hugely-damaging cuts to the Public Realm service, the service that many residents would rightly see as the absolute heart of everything the council does. Residents deserve better.

If you know what’s going on, and want to share, get in touch. Email info@iharrow.com. Anonymity assured.

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