Mar 02 2012

Avanti House School – Consultation Commences

Avanti House, the school currently without a site in Harrow, has commenced it’s statutory consultation process which is due to complete on April 11, 2012.

The consultation asks for your view on the proposal for the Avanti House School, and anybody can respond.

The school says that Avanti House will have a faith designation based in the Hindu tradition. Rooted in the teachings of Chaitanya, we will promote an inclusive, accessible approach to spirituality. Self-discovery will be supported through song, mantra meditation, service to humanity, contemplative prayer and the study of exemplary role models. This will prepare all students to make lasting contributions to society as loyal, responsible and broad-minded citizens.

The School will be open to applications from all faiths and none. No selection will be made on the basis of faith. For this year’s entry, in the event of us having more applications than there are places, 50% of the places will be allocated by distance and  50% by random allocation; this ensures that the School both serves the local community whilst also being accessible by those from further away.

The School will open on a Department for Education approved site within the London Borough of Harrow. A final decision will be made from a short-list of appropriate sites in the very near future. We encourage you to apply early for a place at Avanti House School with the option of confirming your application once the site is declared.

The entire consultation document is available here – which includes the response form – and you can visit their website here. The school has open days planned on March 3rd and 6th, 2012.

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