Oct 01 2012

Barclays to Open ‘Pop-Up’ Bank in North Harrow

North Harrow lost it’s last bank around two years ago, so we’re pleased to see that Barclays have decided to trial a new, ‘pop-up’ banking service, every Tuesday, from 09.30 – 12.00 in the North Harrow Library.

Barclays-to-You in a banking service that works to delivery banking services into areas not otherwise served by the bank. It’s a professional service, that will offer all the services (except the handling, deposit and withdrawal of cash) of a normal, proper, High Street Bank, such as discussion about your accounts, information about saving products and ISAs, arranging loans and mortgages, etc.

The Harrow Council funded TownTalk website says, “…is another example of Harrow Council thinking differently in delivering facilities and services for local people.”

The service will be reviewed after the first month of business. Don’t expect too much of it: it might just be a Barclay’s sales pitch dressed up as a bank, but if you’ve got any comments, let us know by email at news@iharrow.com.

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