Sep 30 2013

Barnet FC served with enforcement notice for breaching planning rules

harrow_council_logo2Barnet Football Club must remove its west stand and floodlights at The Hive, after Harrow Council served an enforcement notice at the stadium.

The action comes after Barnet FC were refused planning permission for the recently built stand and floodlights, which were built larger than the club had been given permission for.

Once the notice takes effect, the Club will have six months to demolish the stand, and three months to remove the lights, or risk facing prosecution.

Harrow Council Cabinet Member for Planning Cllr Stephen Greek said: “If a developer fails to get planning permission for a structure, then it is only right and fair that we should ask them to remove it. “This is an important issue for many residents and it is vital that the Council takes the necessary and appropriate action.”

Permission which would have allowed the club to retain the larger stand and lights was refused by Harrow Council planning committee on September 3. The enforcement notice was issued on September 27. Notice takes effect 28 days from when it was served, unless an appeal is submitted.

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  1. John Rooth

    I visited the ground last Tuesday -Frankly I cant agree that it inconveniences residents much -this is the same council whio allow the likes of Better properties to erect new dwellings only a few feet from existing flats and which block all light and space.

  2. Cllr Willie Stoodley

    Actually if Barnet Football Club appeal the decision or ask for a public enquiry the enforcement goes on hold until a decision is made.

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