Dec 04 2014

Barry Says: Labour’s Political Games Won’t Win Harrow More Cash

cllr_barryDear Editor,

Despite Cllr. Kiran Ramchandani (27th November) writing that Harrow’s Labour administration is taking the borough’s final situation “very seriously”, the rest of her letter proves the opposite. The ‘lobbying Government for more money’ Council motion she mentioned, for example, contained six variations on the theme of ‘Conservatives are evil and stupid’. Why on earth would the Government listen to a campaign that’s so pathetically partisan?

She also wrote that if Harrow had the same funding as Brent “we would be able to spend an extra £420 million a year”. I’ve got news for her; no Government – be it Conservative, Labour or one filled with drunken spendthrifts – is going to give Harrow the same level of funding as Brent, because the two boroughs are worlds apart in terms of need.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Labour’s campaign resembles a child asking for a real dinosaur for Christmas, then having a tantrum when they don’t get one.[/pullquote]Brent is the 24th most deprived local government area in the whole county, containing 6 of the 100 most disadvantaged wards in London. Harrow has no such wards, is ranked 184th nationally, and has actually become less deprived over the last decade. Brent has lower life expectancy and educational performance, coupled with higher unemployment, childhood obesity and even more smoking deaths – not to mention double the number of crimes. I could go on, but the point is Brent gets additional funding to address challenges which are generally much less severe in Harrow.

There is a sensible case to be made for Harrow to get more money from Government, and if Labour were remotely interested in making that case instead of playing political games we’d join them in doing as such. As it is, Labour’s campaign resembles a child asking for a real dinosaur for Christmas, then having a tantrum when they don’t get one.


Cllr. Barry Macleod-Cullinane

Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group

Harrow Council

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  1. David Richmond

    Didn’t Susan Hall already try this? If a Conservative run DCLG won’t give more money to a Conservative Council, why would a Conservative run DCLG give it to a Labour run one, especially when they are throwing money away by reinstating a previously failed Chief Executive, cost over £1m…..

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