Apr 30 2014

Bill Phillips on www.harrowlabour.org

guest_postCllr Bill Phillips writes to clear up the confusion over harrowlabour.org – Harrow Labour Group’s web site. His email is unedited and in full:

I registered harrowlabour.org & harrowlabour.org.uk many years ago purely so that we could have a uniform and controlled email system for all candidates at election time. I hosted it on a server in my office attached to a fixed ip address on my home broadband. the “mail.pinn.co.uk” the mx record was just idleness on my part as it resolved to the same server as my ownpinn.co.uk that I’d registered in the early 90s. 
At first the harrowlabour website was not used. People think that it’s a great idea to have a website without realising the work and commitment needed to keep it up to date and to drive traffic to it. It reflects badly on an organisation if the site looks tired and has out of date and has inaccurate information (eg advertising meetings that had occurred several months ago). Small local presence is probably better done through social media. I think the interaction amongst people actively involved in local politics on twitter is excellent to follow. Over the years, having a local website was discussed, generally those motivated to want a website had neither the skills or the time to produce it and keep it up to date. (even if a simple CMS was installed) so we pointed it to Gareth’s excellent Harrow Labour website. 
After I retired I moved pinn.co.uk and harrowlabour to an ISP where I knew the MD and closed down my own server. 
Some months ago someone came forward who was keen to produce the harrowlabour website. He had the time and the skills to do a good job, so we installed a CMS and he ran the site for a few months before sadly he moved out of the area. With nobody now updating the site and it starting to look outdated I linked it back to Gareth’s excellent site once again and where it has been for pretty well all of its existence. 
My own blog page at www.pinn.co.uk is for when (hopefully) I have some time to do some  writing around some of my own interests eg. I hope to publish my father in law’s quite remarkable memoirs. No doubt I’ll make a few political comments which I hope will be honest and incisive but without the cynical  tabloid edge that I think spoils much of the political comment on iharrow.
Best wishes
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